SHR Turbo N Golden Plains Black Magic Rum

Sire: AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF
Dam: HRCH UH Turbo Steamin Southern Belle CD MH ** WCX VCX CCA
Whelped: September 29, 2017

Spayed 01/2023

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Health Clearances

Hips: GR-127188E24F-VPI – Excellent

Elbow: GR-EL46787F24-VPI – Normal

Heart: GR-ACA4832/24F-VPI – Normal

Eyes: GR-EYE18910/24F-VPI – Normal

CHIC #: 144658

DNA: GR-DNA-3914/B

Ichthyosis: Paw Print GR-ICH1255/15F-PI-CAR – Carrier

PRA-1: Paw Print GR-GR1-1180/15F-PI – Clear

PRA-2: Paw Print GR-GR2-1010/15F-PI – Clear

PRA-PRCD: Paw Print GR-PRA1204/15F-PI – Clear

DM: Paw Print GR-DM874/15F-PI – Clear

NCL: GR-CL5-1511/16F-PI University of Missouri – Clear

The Story of Sori

Sori is actually short for Sorceress. Since it took 4 flights and several hours in an airport to get her home we had to come up with a very special name.

Origin Before the myth of Atlantis, before time itself, legend tells of a small island off the coast of modern-day Africa that “could not be found by compass or sexton.” The story goes on to describe an island inhabited by natives so uninhibited and full of gaiety and life that anyone meeting them would instantly fall under their enchanted spell. Visitors to the island clamored to be in their company and hung on their every word. As all true stories from eons past go, this one ends in tragedy. Although for generations the ancient island knew no harm, one day an immense earthquake shook the land. The massive quake awoke the beasts of the sea, who pulled the island into the waters below.The SorceressAs the island nation sank, the island’s sorceress devised a plan. Though she could not save her home, she could save its soul. Through various invocations and charms of an ancient magic – a magic that predates all other magic, but from which voodoo and all types of conjuring draw their roots – the sorceress captured the essence and spirit of her people and infused it into the native drink. She poured the potion into bottles, gathered as many as she could carry into her arms, and fled the doomed island. As she did, she vowed, whatever the cost, to guide the bottles to a new and worthy home so that the spirit of her people should not perish. The Skull The sorceress, true to her vow, spent her last days in search of those worthy of a spirited sip from her precious bottles. But death escapes no one. And as her earthly life drew to a close, she endeavored to do what had been done so many years before – save the spirit of her people, whatever the cost. So, with the last of her strength, she bound her spirit to her bones that she might not leave this earth until her sacred vow was fulfilled. Clues As her body was soon lost to time, the sorceress’ skull remained bound to her spirit by ancient magic and to her bottles by that solemn vow. Across all time and across all continents believers have evidence of her quest to free her people’s spirit. From the art of El Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, to the skull and crossbones flag that flew high above the pirate ships, the history books are full of clues to the path she traveled, and to those who fell under her influence. The Search Countless explorations were launched to seek and possess the powers of the bottles it guarded. Even history’s greatest explorers are said to have vainly searched for them, from Marco Polo’s quest for the rumored “bottle of the East” to Francisco Pizarro’s search for the “magic bottle of the Incas.” But as far as the history books tells us, all of our most well-known explorers came up short. All save one. The captain of the mighty Sea Czar. The Sea Czar Over the course of his travels, the captain of the mighty Sea Czar acquired a skull rumored to possess the power of speech. As he prepared to sail out to sea, the skull promised him riches beyond measure if he would only return it to dry land. The captain complied and was immediately given a set of coordinates off the coast of Africa. “Set sail for that exact point on the map,” the skull told him, “and great would be the reward.” Not one to shrink from adventure, the captain set out. But when he reached the spot the skull had indicated, nothing happened. No riches. No glory. Just the quiet vast stillness of the ocean, and a crew of malcontents. The Bottle Disheartened, the captain plotted a course for home, only to find a mysterious bottle, marked with the hidden sign of the skull, bobbing in the sea, seemingly following his ship. He fished it out and tossed it aside, unaware that this was his hard-won prize. The Steward As the Sea Czar traveled, a lowly steward, dim of wit and slow of tongue, found the bottle and stole a drink. Suddenly, the quiet steward became the most enthralling, enchanting member of the crew, regaling his mates with tales and stories for hours on end. So enthralling was the steward, in fact, that at their next port of call, the once quiet steward returned with a handful of maidens in tow to the shock (and delight) of the crew. With a complete transformation, the now astute steward deduced that the bottle he took could only be one of the fabled bottles of the skull. Keeping this information to himself, the steward hid the bottle to bide his time as the captain charted a course for home. The Legend Legend tells us that the steward’s bottle is only the fourth to have been granted by the sorceress. It’s said that one of the bottles gave rise to the Pharaohs of Egypt, another to the Dynasties of China, while a third is said to have been consumed solely by a lowly English poet who went by the name of William Shakespeare. Of course, what happened to the steward’s bottle remains a mystery. Some say it was stolen, only to turn up decades later in an area of California now known as Hollywood. Others say it wasn’t Hollywood at all where the bottle appeared, but rather gay Paris. Still others say the kind and generous steward, knowing the bottle’s potential, never took another sip for himself. Rather, he made his home in the Caribbean isles and began to sell a dark and mysterious spiced rum, each bottle infused with a single drop of his hard-earned prize. And though today the steward is long gone, those who believe say his legacy lives on. So should you ever find a rum marked with the hidden sign of the sorceress’ protection, drink until you’ve had your fill. For you may soon find yourself more gregarious, more enchanting and more charismatic than you ever dared to imagine. Seek The Skull.



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AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF



FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS

Wraith’s Duncan MH *** OS
Hunter’s Moon Madcap *** OD
Emberain All Buttered Up CDX JH MX MXJ WC OD AFC Glenhaven Devil’s Advocate UDT MH WCX OS FDHF
Emberain Jelly Side Up UDT AX JH WC OD


HRCH UH Turbo Steamin Southern Belle CD MH ** WCX VCX CCA

FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond’s R.V. Am *** OS Can. FDHF
Brassfire’s Mustang Sally MNH MH MNR MNHF HTHF WCX ** OD
Turbo Southern Explosion Dixie Lee CD JH CCA FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Can OTCH TNT’s Explosion Am UD FDHF OS; Can FDHF OBHF

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