About Us

Hello and Thank You for visiting Golden Plains Goldens!
We are one of the only 4 Reputable Golden Retriever breeders breeding Medium Golden and Dark Golden, Golden Retrievers located in Southwestern Nebraska. Our pedigrees include Field Trial Champions, AKC Master Hunters, AKC Show Champions, UKC Grand Hunting Champions, and many more titles. We believe in putting titles on our dogs. This proves our dogs can do what they were bred to do.
We usually breed 1 or maybe 2 litters a year. We are a family, who, has a passion for raising, improving, and preserving the Golden Retriever breed.
Our parents purchased our first purebred AKC Golden Retriever, Sam (Lady Samatha of Med Creek) in 1988. She is the reason we fell in love with Golden Retrievers and her spirit will forever live at the heart of Golden Plains Goldens. My parents bred Sam and from her second litter a daughter was kept, Alex (Lady Alexandria XXV) From Alex’s last litter we kept Kia’. Kia’ (Lady Kia’ of Golden Plains) is affectionately known as our cheerleading dog. She has more energy then the energizer bunny. Because of Kia’s temperment and intelligence she was used by students taking the agility and obediance classes offered at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Nebraska. Our parents are always willing to let their dogs be ambassadors for the breed. I kept Ari (Ari of Golden Plains Temple) from one of Kia’s litters. Sam (2002), Alex (2007), Kia’ (2014), and Ari (2017) have all gone to the rainbow bridge. One of Ari’s daughter’s gave us Cinna and Boom. My parents line and pedigrees live on in them after 30 years.
While in college my sister and I purchased Duke (Grand Duke of the Golden Plains) for my parents. Duke lived to the age of 14 and he went to the bridge in 2016.
Looking to improve the stock we already had we went in search of a dog from hunting lines and found Maddie (Princess Madison Of The Golden Plain) joined our family. Maddie went to the bridge in 2017.

We have since continued to  added more dogs to our family. The lines continue……

We treat all our dogs as members of our own family. They grow up under foot and in our laps. All of our dogs have full health clearances recommended by the Golden Retriever Club of America. All dogs used for breeding purposes have OFA passing clearances for Hips, elbows, heart (Veterinary Cardiologist), and eyes (veterinary ophthalmologist every year). All of our dogs have genetic testing done either by Paw Print Genetics or UC Davis. Please see our links page for more information on the OFA and health clearances.
We make sure our Golden Retriever Puppies are given early neurologic stimulation from day one through day 16. We temperament test our puppies using the Volhard temperament test. Our puppies are raised in the house and are around our family all day long. They hear the vacuum cleaner, our kids, and all daily house activity.
Our current field trainer is Dane Johnson from Apex Retrievers located in Elm Creek, NE. Dane has put titles on all of our dogs and we plan for many more in the future! Thank you Dane! https://www.facebook.com/Apex-Retrievers-1560068644241366/

If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail us. We are more than happy to tell you about our Golden family.
You can find us on Facebook and we update our Facebook daily. https://www.facebook.com/GoldenPlainsGoldens/