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PLEASE Copy and paste this into your email to us.

We know this is a very long questionnaire, but we want to insure our puppies go to the best homes.

If you would like a Word file to fill out instead of copy and pasting, please e-mail us and we can send you one! When you transfer this to an e-mail you will need to change the color of the font from white to black. 

Click Here to download the Questionnaire in a Word file.

Click here for PDF.


Golden Plains Golden Retrievers

Puppy Questionnaire


Name (please include all household members names):




Zip Code:

Home Phone Number:

Cell Phone Number:

Email Address(es):



1) Are all family members ready to commit to adding a puppy to the family?

2) Who will be the primary care giver for the puppy?

3) Does anyone in the family have allergies?

4) Within what time frame are you looking to add a puppy to your family?

5) Are you expecting any lifestyle changes within the next 12 months?  For example: moving, new job, or new baby.

6) Have you owned a Golden before? If yes, from whom did you acquire it?

7) Are you looking for a Male or Female? 

 8) If your first choice is not available would you consider a puppy of the opposite sex?

9) Are you planning to breed this dog or bitch?

10) What is your reason for looking for a new puppy (family companion, obedience, breeding, conformation, agility, fieldwork, or other)? All companion puppies are sold on AKC limited registration with a spay/neuter requirement. Limited Registration means that the dog is registered through the AKC but no litters produced by that dog (male/female) are eligible for registration with the AKC.

11) (Answer only if you want to breed) Do you agree to complete all breeder-required clearances and submit them to the OFA before you consider breeding this puppy? Dog or Bitch must pass all required clearances: OFA hips with a Fair, Good, or Excellent, Normal elbows, eyes a CERF or OFA passing clearance with or without breeder options by a board certified Ophthalmologist and normal heart cleared by a board certified Cardiologist.

12) If purchased as a family companion do you agree to wait to spay/neuter the puppy until after 18 months of age?

13) Where will the puppy/dog spend most of its time?

14) Please provide us with the current and past pets you have, are they spayed or neutered?

15) Do you have children? What are their ages?

16) Do you live in a house, apartment, etc?

      16 a.)If you rent, has your landlord agreed in writing to allow you to have a           

                 dog on the premises will you provide that documentation


17) Is your yard fenced in? If “yes” what type of fence is it (chain link, wood etc.)?

18) If your yard is not fenced in how will you provide security for the puppy when it is outside?

 19) What are your plans for the puppy when you are not at home?

 20) Have you ever crate trained a puppy?

 21) Will someone be home during the day or able to come home to let the puppy out to potty?

22) Do you agree to never let the puppy be tied up outside as a means of confinement? If not please state why?

 23) Do you understand that Golden puppies like to chew on items and have very sharp teeth while they are teething?  Proper training is needed to insure that your favorite shoes, Grandmother’s chair or other property, do not become a chew toy/hazard for the puppy.

 24) Are you willing to take your puppy to socialization classes so that it will become an enjoyable companion and good canine citizen?

 25) Are you aware that adding a puppy is like adding a two year old child to your household that comes with a 10-15 year commitment?

 26) Are you aware that Golden Retrievers are considered a large breed and they shed A LOT! They need to be groomed and bathed on a regular basis.


In spite of the best care and the best breeding practices, health problems may occur that require surgery or extensive treatment. These problems can include but are not limited to:  OCD, hip dysplasia, liver shunts, allergies, cancer, accidental poisoning, and auto accidents.


27) Are you willing to provide good veterinary care and are you willing to invest in your puppy in the event of health problems?         

28) Are you willing to feed a good quality food selected from a list provided to you? Or check with me if you want to change foods?

29) If due to unforeseen circumstances you have to place the dog, I require you return the puppy/dog to me and I will place the puppy or help you find a suitable new home, do you agree to this?

30) Are you on a waiting list for any other litters?

31) Are you willing to abide by a contract that specifies matters regarding registration, health, breeding, spay/neuter, and general care?

 32) Is there any additional information you would like to share that would be helpful to get to know you better?

 33) I also do not approve of the dog/puppy living outside. Golden Retrievers are loving dogs and do best if they are with their family. Do you agree to allow the dog to live inside and to never be chained up outside as a regular means of confinement? Do you agree to allow the puppy to live in your house?

 34)I also do not approve of dogs/puppies riding in the back of pick-ups either in a crate or out. I have seen what happens if you should ever get in a wreck and the dog never survives.

 By answering and submitting this questionnaire you and all members of the family/household are agreeing to the above statements.


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