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Here are some testimonials from some of our previous puppy parents.


We received our beautiful golden female puppy Molly from Golden Plains Golden when she was eight weeks old.  She was obviously loved and well cared for during her first eight weeks of life.  She was friendly, easy to train, and came with complete health records.  Being able to see her parents from online pictures was a great help in determining what her personality and future appearance would be like.  Additionally, the parents breeding history was included which allowed us the confidence of knowing that she came from high quality stock and would likely be a healthy and happy adult that would adapt to obedience training and make a loving family pet. Even though we didn't meet Molly until she arrived at our doorstep, Golden Plains Goldens conveniently assisted us in choosing her by asking us questions about what we wanted in our Golden and then assessing the litter for the puppy that would most likely meet our desires. They made frequent phone and Internet contact with us so we truly felt they were doing their best to determine the right puppy for us. We have had Molly for almost four weeks now, and she is proving to be a very smart, active puppy.  Housebreaking has gone as well as could be expected.  She sleeps through the night in her kennel without any accidents.  It is obvious that she had lots of loving socialization during her first eight weeks.  She loves people, loves other dogs, and is both curious about and eager to discover the world around her. She is responsive to voice commands and has quickly learned to come and sit...those little liver treats work wonders! I would not hesitate to recommend Golden Plains Goldens if you are seeking a healthy, smart, and active addition to your family.  Molly is a Golden through and through. She exhibits all the traits that make this breed so desirable...friendly, smart, curious, quick learners, eager to please, and a bundle of silky soft fur that can be loved and will love you back for years to come.                                       


Happy New Year to you and your husband.  I have been thinking about you and needing to write to you and give you an update on Miss Emma Jane.  Oh my gosh!!! We just love her to pieces.  She is really a piece of work.  She has so much personality that even when she is “naughty” we just have to laugh.
    She now weighs 46 pounds.  This is up from the mere 11# that she weighed the day we got her.  She is getting to be a big girl, but then again, we knew she would be with a mom that was 100 # and a dad at #80.  She is tall, slender and lanky.  She reminds me of a teenager.  She has these huge feet and long slender legs.  She just has to grow into these huge feet.
    Her eyes are like saucers and are very soulful.  I love it when she holds her head down, but looks up at me with these big eyes.  They just talk to you.  And speaking of talk.  She really does talk.  We are trying to teach her to use her “inside” voice so now she barks to get our attention, but then she just kind of makes these funny sounds as if she is talking.  She is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.
    She was very easy to house train.  She goes to the door and barks to go outside.  Lately, she comes and grabs my arm and pulls me to where her leash is.  This means she just doesn’t want to go outside; she wants me to go with her and take her for a walk.  She basically walks herself by picking up the leash and carrying it in her mouth.  She actually is better off the leash.  She comes when she is called and doesn’t leave the yard.  This is such a blessing in lieu of what happened to Elliot.  We are so grateful that she is a better outside dog than Elliot even if she is a bit naughtier on the inside.  She hasn’t ruined anything, but she is a little thief.  She likes to take slippers and sock, gloves and underwear, not to chew on, but just to hoard in her toy box or sit next to.  Speaking of toys.  You would have thought I birthed a baby or something.  All of our friends not only brought her new toys when we first got her; they even sent her toys for Christmas.  She opened so many toys on Christmas morning she didn’t know what to play with first.  She is like a little child.  By the end of the day, they are sprawled out all over the house.  She has not learned how to put them away and the end of the day.   
    Anyway, if I haven’t already told you, I want you to know how much we appreciated all your efforts to prepare Emma for us and for delivering her half way so we didn’t need to drive all the way to Nebraska.  She is healthy and well adjusted and I know this is a result of her good start at your house.  I’ll never forget your answer when I asked you if she knew her name yet.  You said, “I’m not sure because when I call “Emma”, she comes but so do all the rest of them.
    She is most definitely a mama’s girl.  She follows me everywhere but she is good when we have to leave her for short times.  She also has a new playmate named Sam.  This was a kitten that adopted us.  I wasn’t planning on keeping her, but she turned out to be really a great asset to the household for two reasons.  She prefers to sleep in the garage at night and she catches mice, and she loves to play with Emma.  They tease and chase each other for hours.  It adds that much more entertainment to the household. They are so cute together, and as they age together, I know they will be best friends, unusual for a cat and a dog.

    She is such a treat and as you know, she had a HUGE hole to fill, and she has done it well. We are your biggest fans as breeders of golden retriever puppies.




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